Handcuffs around this porcelain circle of you
As if to hold hands
Through this journey
In cells

a clock with no hands
key hole mouth
carefully inlaid with
'no one will notice'

we did have some fun
we died / have some fun

Her vocabulary
not of love
but bruises promised

white plastic g string course

whole image gallery trauma
whole image gallery plus ptsd
you say you’re jungian and breathe

exported slave foreheads tattooed with the phrase ‘tax paid’ 
the whore of babylon’s face tattooed with her vices
then the face in the image of ‘god’
the body in circulation

let's say she's waterproof, let's say no more tears

her head upside down on a stick
her arms imply longing or female sadness worth up to $1400
her two fingers pinch a dirty tissue she barely wants to touch


you will be a genuine virgin
you will be talcum powder
you will be relaxation and cervical decay

i took my first and only confession

it involved a short story about a very feral girl
where she is the undisputed center
and everyone else hitting her up for attention

Hi girls,

Thank you for your pictures.

Would you be able to do a short video with your iPhone, showing your bodies, saying
a bit about yourselves, age and hobbies etc, and i can pass that on to Tim.

Thank you.

Hi girls sleep outside

stainless steel, dramatic storm, i am a public place
dissociated structure, avoiding the external, hotel safe lock
to seek comfort from a shadow
your body is okay but you still need to sleep outside
in a dumpster in anyone’s name
silence can be so many things
turn your back to the viewer while you sleep
i think tim would like to see your body now
anti-violence unlocking

birth days

doctors should be more honest when girls are born
instead of saying ‘it’s a girl’
they should say ‘it’s invisible’

everything as it should be

a girl pees between two cars that are parallel parked
yet you are the one who disgusts her
she is laughing at you while you hold your phone to record her

safe words

i’d like to hear some safe words
satin blouse, string of pearls, neck brace
make more secure sounds, say a prayer, and really care
tell me to go stand in the corner
play the recorded sound of a dog panting from the beginning of july till the end of august
between each dog’s pant i want to say
i am a beautiful piece of property
erect and etched in stone

you can't wear chanel to your own systematic humiliation

dramatization, waterbed city
sappho’s expression while you klonopin
you can cry as much as you want
or write down the dates you’ve felt scared
like a woman of good pedigree
or latinas in the dark

differentiate me from a doormat

the most important thing is that i have a movie star face which you can see only from television

permanent signs

'this belongs to me' or
'this came from here'
the body

my body, upon which
you left your signature
the good prison

once written
you opened me up
like a book

skype in china

I was masturbating with sailor moon's scepter
while you watched on skype
you were recording the screen with your ipod
'don't say watch me, don't say look at me'
I won't come till you look away

I usually lose my good posture when I am full of fear
confusing but you stay and watch
I feel I am evil
resistance is just fear
it's inevitable, like math


listen Perv if dreams
Please Etc
It's beyond my control

Lol. The body The mind
Blow it blue
like the one I had a minute ago

Stay I. Your lace
don't be arrogant
everyone stares

female trouble

them blues
that nothing-but-violence
just nature
just moon

hi name/forgettable face

name/forgettable face

thug of cream
tommy hilfiger boxers
purity x
justin love
flirty chris

please, chill it with the brains.
if you get too excited,
just hold yourself.
space jam
looney tunes as power animals
you can be taz
you can relate to taz, i think
the body fantasies perfume,
yes please stop asking me
to think for you
let's experience actual fun,
instead of my own intelligence
creating a perfect mask of lies
i know what you're saying,
it just doesn't matter

for mother

it's actually very intimate
i listened while you wept
i felt all the words you didn't like
i counted them
i saw how many tears each word produced
and how you liked to repeat them

positive wasteland
trial and error
in pursuit of

Your shadow my shadow

keep its only
precise incision
and drag the feet

5 things never to touch

if my imagination wasn't so saturated id say this was good
but your looking at them all thinking which one you'd like to fuck
magic becomes a license a weight loss capsule
an endless pool of self
please consider what you have not felt

i know why you are better than me
you know that i am fiction
and that i have not been paid
seen, heard, or understood


you have sunshine
beach, the tropics
no surprises

think of one thing

dramatic storms
that no-name

what home

gene pool amenity, central heating
luxury dinner with a view
the fax machine
the all-in-one combo
the trauma is to be seen
teach me that i am worthless
and how to remind myself of it constantly
no matter how 
try and punish all feelings of pleasure
try and punish
this voided mood and feeling

because i am pathetic behavior

i imitated my sexuality to convince you
made it necessary as long hair
covered eyes wet rather not pussy
still rode hard and good no 
don't pull those curtains
those tears aren't even for you
pathetic knows all about that
it knows i will always reject you
and be cruel because i broke
why you would accept me
yes then those tears are for you

reasons to suffer

i am an avalanche of solitude
i am the empty space between your thighs
i am the loneliness of orphans
and the neglect of the world.

i am a silent island of trash that grows in the pacific
where corporations sell their waste,
and the invisible nurdles that surround it.

i am the rejection of women
your unwanted fat in the mirror
the instability in your life
and all the useless things you buy.

i am the shortcomings of middle class
the missing latina in your life
and the best reason to abort.

human mirror said

you don't know what to do with yourself  
because you are so shy

and now you give me this serious look,
what is that

how many times have you practiced it
in the mirror

block of tongue

it only happens once
anger listens briefly
yet lingers with strange control
a canopy over my head
the structure swallows

the general greyness of my quiet
still words coming, going
smile, because the sun brings color out
even with gag in mouth

are you better than anyone else

with guilt i should cut my tongue to relax you 
(see elegant card stock detailing instructions for 
visiting the most polluted place on earth)

so(ul) boring

mediocrity leading to obsessive behavior,
trivial moments somehow just got great appeal
blown out, yet the room still closes in
with every second in time
to think about things with severity

I Am Miss Universe"

"i am miss universe"
moaners, moaners, moaners
i like it

nice to meet you

i was a speed freak
i was 16 touring universities in miami
i am from LA
i made a movie called
young, dumb, and white

in the movie
a guy gets tied up
and says whoop