Poems by Cristine Brache

*SOLD OUT* Published by Codétte (November 1, 2018), 83 pages, paperback

Available on Kindle & Audiobook (Narrated by Cristine Brache) available on Audible

Poems is the debut poetry collection from artist and writer Cristine Brache, written between 2008-2018.

Unapologetic and often placing the reader in the position of the voyeur, Brache’s poems ambiguously deal

with identity, power dynamics, and templates of the female body and psyche.


Three Poems, China Video Diary

New York Tyrant

safe words, You can’t wear Chanel to your own systematic humiliation


Mother Joan Superior of the Angels, 5 things never to touch

How to Sleep Faster #6

Very Exciting New Service

the Fanzine

How much do you charge for your dignity?, I’m ready for my clothes off, Hi girls sleep outside, Dear Warden

Gemstone Readings

cheating eyes, the video

E Ratio Postmodern Poetry

Block of Tongue

Everyday Genius